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I call this book “A Reflective Novel”, as it journeys with a character, perhaps from your perspective, a few characters. The descriptions of this character are not what is important, rather their experiences, emotions and progression. I paint a picture, but leave just enough space on the canvas for your imagination to fill in the gaps. It may be that the missing gaps are your own personal identification within the story itself, or that you find something much deeper within the spaces between the text.

The image of you that I create through these pages can be vivid and great, but within this pen, is the power to also shine a spotlight, on some of the not so pleasant and hidden pains beneath the surface of the smile that you show the world. It’s ok, you’re safe within these lines. This one may break you apart, and then put you back together again. Silent are the pages still left unwritten, as though I have saved them for something, perhaps for future chapters yet to happen.