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The plain covered book both front and back unsullied by graphics, blurbs and promotional content. Steve Whyte has written an enormously readable and infinitely practical manual that delves into what makes you who you are. The concept and definition of the word ‘Rebel’ often scares people, but with a shift in perspective, and removal labels, we can all find our true worth and identity.

Steve breaks down how we have all been conditioned in one way or another into a false reality which is founded upon fitting into boxes and accumulation. On this journey you will strip yourself down to your core and begin to build from that place of truth. The simple question ‘Who Are You?’ can be extremely complex when isolated and detached from titles, labels and society roles. It’s time for you to live your best life and live out your purpose in the most authentic way ever.

It’s is time for you to create your own path and walk the path never travelled.