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The Suicide Note


Through his personal experiences with mental health illness, Steve Whyte knows just how serious depression can be. Steve challenges the common stigmas of depression by transparently sharing his story of affliction which ultimately led him to writing ‘A Suicide Note’.  Steve understands that suicide is very common and so are the symptoms. He sees it as a wake-up call that our lives are out of balance.

Drawing from his experience in over 10 years Life-Coaching, as well as experiences with clients in his academy, he has created a set of simple and elegant tools for engaging more deeply with our lives instead of withdrawing from the core foundational truth which is rooted deeply in our relationship with God. Steve shares that with the right faith, information and approach, we can emerge from the darkness with a deeper appreciation of life’s abundance and discover God’s purpose for our lives. With The Suicide Note, he offers an honest and practical way to find true healing, and freedom from chronic unhappiness to turn our fears into faith, renew our minds, and reclaim our authority to take joy in life.