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Publishing packages tailored to your needs and budget.


many people ask me this question:


when you were starting your books, how did you know where to start?

The more I think about this question,

the more I believe that your book deserves more than just a generic answer.

I specialize in creativity projects, especially memoirs, though I consider other projects as well. Together we can work on spicing up your project with tools and techniques that I have tried and tested. I can offer many suggestions for writers of all genres to edit and polish their work so their writing achieves the aims that they have. But what I especially enjoy is helping authors find the heart of their story. I might ask questions to help you sharpen your message, or I can advise you on your story plot. When an author writes the true heart of their story, their book will zing with life.


Such a simple question: What is your book about? At the obvious level, the answer is your theme or topic, such as inspiration for a certain group, or a nailbiting story. But what the book is really about may only unfold over time.


Many authors start to write about their topic from one angle and at the end of their draft discover that the book wants to be about something else. I thought I’d finished my autobiography draft after I’d written all the stories within my life, but with a rethink and new plan, I saw that not everything was essential to get the message across and so I revised.


At some point on your journey, you'll hear me say:

“The most interesting part of this book hasn’t been written yet.”


Let me help you to discover more about your project and create an art that stands the test of time.

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As a creative it can often get very frustrating when you want to create but you don't know where to start. If you’re feeling frustrated, unmotivated, blocked, in need of guidance, overwhelmed, or in any way deterred by the publishing process, you need an Author Coach!


Don’t let your dream of writing and publishing a book die. Don’t let your words (or your ideas) get lost before you get them down on paper or published.


Instead, hire me, 12x Author Steve Whyte, as your personal Author Coach and mentor to keep you motivated, on track, positive, inspired, passionate, and moving toward achieving your dream of becoming a published author!


Even with a great idea and writing ability, the path to becoming a published author can feel long, arduous and lonely. There is no reason for you to travel that path alone. Get the support, education, resources, and motivation you need to make your dream of successful authorship a reality.

  • Provide you with guidance about writing and publishing your book.

  • Teach you the essentials of how to produce marketable books (ones that sell).

  • Educate you on the publishing process.

  • Answer your questions.

  • Provide resources.

  • Help solve your problems.

  • Offer coaching, motivation and assistance when you feel blocked or discouraged.

  • Serve as your accountability partner.

  • Support you at every stage of the writing and publishing process.

  • Help you to reach your goals.

  • Assist you in getting the results you desire.

what i do as an author coach?

a tailored coaching experience!

what you will get in the sessions?

You can hire me on a month-to-month basis and get support on your issues and your book’s issues. I am a true author coach with self-publishing experience. I believe in the art of writing and the individuality that is essential to each book. Tailoring your experience helps you to get exactly the help you need.


With Author Coaching, you receive a package of four personalized coaching sessions per month.


Author coaching can help you achieve any number of desired - and inspired - results.

This program is catered to your needs and desires, so you determine what you create in our time together.


General Author Coaching sessions are personalized to your needs. Packages include four one-hour sessions per month to keep you moving towards your publishing goals. Sessions must be completed within a 4-week period (with some exceptions allowed).

  • Show you how to plan, organise and write a professional book

  • Show you how to use your social media effectively and in a time-efficient manner

  • Develop a step-by-step plan to build a platform

  • Create a media kit

  • Help you develop a blog plan to support your book or build platform

  • Decide how to reach your market with a promotion plan

  • Evaluate your book idea for marketability

  • Mind map your book and its content

  • Brainstorm book ideas

  • Develop ideas for how to build a business around your book

  • Hone your pitch

  • Take the next step . . . and the next

  • Keep you focused

  • Provide accountability with a schedule or goals

  • Assist you in removing the blocks that keep you from realizing your dream of becoming an author

After our coaching is complete, you will have many options. The exciting one is being published. This is every writers dream of some day holding a very real book in their heads with their name on the cover. As I have done this multiple times, I cannot wait until you experience the feeling. It's special and powerful the first time you hold your own book. It is a the moment that you realise that you have created something that will outlive you. That is legacy.


Once we have finished all of the planning and coaching, the next stage is the editing and then the publishing. I have a lot of different ghostwriting and publishing packages: to download publishing kit click here.

  • a draft book proposal

  • a business plan for your book

  • a query letter

  • a mind map of your book

  • a writing plan for your book

  • ideas for a series of spin-off books or a series of books

  • a strategy for how to build a business around your book

  • information on how to blog or create your website

  • insight into your best publication pathnew-found confidence and courage to realize your dream of becoming an author

  • knowledge of what social media will be your most effective tools

  • a social media or promotion strategy



I retired. Yes that is right, I put my pen down and committed my time and efforts into helping other aspiring authors and writers.


Drawing on over 10 years experience as an author, editor and writing coach, I offer one-on-one editorial sessions and editorial feedback on your writing projects. I also advise writers who have a book idea but need guidance along the way.


Whether your manuscript needs a stronger focus or you’d simply like to bounce your book idea off someone else, editing and coaching sessions can give you tools for keeping you centered on your goal and can help your writing, and your writing process come alive.

Book in your first consultation and let's begin on your project.

If you would like some guidance on your book project, contact me today and we can

book in your coaching sessions.




Author Coaching sessions by phone:

£100 per hour (Limited Offer) or £400 Monthly (4 Sessions)


Initial review of and feedback on your book:

£100 per hour (around 5 hours for a 300-page book)


Manuscript development:

£100 per hour for reading, feedback, and consultation


Copy editing (post manuscript completion):

£85 per hour

For more information on publishing an ghostwriting packages, click here to download the publishing and ghostwriting kit.

after our coaching is complete, you can expect to have: