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initial consult
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initial consultation

Above all else, when you meet with me, you can expect to meet an ethical, competent, professional and personable therapist, who can be a helpful partner to you on your journey of growth and change. Research shows that the single most important factor for whether or not therapy will be successful is the quality of the relationship between you and your therapist. Because your relationship with me is so important, I want you to have the opportunity to get to know me before deciding to move forward. That is why we at Steve Whyte Group offer an initial consultation session for all of our new clients ata fraction of the price. During your first consultation meeting, we will go over the rules and regulations of our theraputic relationship (as all ethical therapists are required to, by law). You will learn about your confidentiality, the limits of confidentiality, the boundaries of the therapeutic relationship, and your rights as a client. We will go over our scheduling and financial policies with you. When our required disclosures are complete, we will open the conversation to your present concerns. You can talk about your situation, and your hopes for therapy. We will likely ask you questions so as to ensure we have a good understanding of your situation. By the end of your consultation meeting (about 45 minutes), we will either be able to accept you as a client and describe for you what therapy will look like given the particulars of your situation, or we will provide you with direction towards a more appropriate provider.


consultation follow-up

After your consultation, I will follow up the call with an email, which shares all relevant links for more information on my services, your legal rights, my terms and conditions, and how you can book in further sessions.


scheduling further sessions

If you decide to move forward with therapy, you can schedule your next meeting directly with me, or visit the website and book for yourself. We will discuss your care plan, number of sessions, and frequency of appointments. Your sessions will start with a brief “check in” period, followed by a collaborative discussion about what the focus is for the specific session that day. It’s very helpful for you to take notes during your session, so that you have a reminder of the things we talked about, and what you’re working on in between sessions. Towards the end of the session, I may have recommendations about assignments or things to try in between sessions in order to further your work, depending on the phase of therapy that you are in. At the end of the session, I will check in with you about the most meaningful or helpful (of unhelpful) parts of that day’s conversation, so that we can make sure that our sessions together are as valuable to you as possible.


how it ends

The day will come when you find yourself talking extensively about the positive progress and successful changes that you have made in your life, and your time with me will likely come to an end. (Although you can always contact me for follow up meetings in the future, if you arrive at another “growth moment” or would like support in maintaining your life).